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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Heavier Rain

    - staff
  •  Imagine that you got hired by Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream and given the task of coming up with an original game design that would fit in with the game engine the team had already created for the adventure title.

    Theme? Your choice. Story? All your own. New graphics, music, characters -- you can dream it all up. But you're not able to add any new gameplay. Use the tools that already exist, the sorts of interactions that this technology enables, and come up with an entirely new design.

    Think about how the game makes every interaction -- whether it's small and subtle (like tucking in a child at night) or big and bold (like a car chase) equally important in the context of its gameplay. Also think about how the game engine allows for seamlessly branching story choices.

    Game Career Guide challenged its readers to design a new game using the unique Heavy Rain gameplay engine. What follows are the best and most original entries we received. Here are our top picks.

    Best Entries

    Alvaro Vazquez, Game Designer, The Final Trick (see page 2)

    Aaron Yip, Student at Georgia Institution of Technology, Cycle 365 (see page 3)

    Dean Ray Johnson, Heavy Rain, Light Script (see page 4)

    Honorable Mentions
    Sam Sandoval, Flashpoint Academy, My World (see page 5)
    Warren Tang, God of Cookery (see page 6)
    Ryan George, Game Design Student, Columbia College Chicago, War in Full View (see page 7)
    Aaron Quintanilla, Flashpoint Academy, Heavy Politics (see page 8)
    Tim Dernick, Windy City Streets (see page 9)
    Leonardo Ferreira, PUC Rio, Brazil, There is a Murder  (see page 10)
    Maxwell Alvarez, Digital Media Student at Ohio University, Heavy Hostage (see page 11)


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