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How I Made My First Unity Game In Six Months

Louise McLennan describes the process of creating her first Unity game Riot Squid over a period of six months as a solo developer.

Making A Meaningful Scent System In Redwall

Chris Skaggs reveals how Redwall's creative scent-based gameplay mechanics assist player navigation while giving the game a distinct identity.

Optimizing Human: Fall Flat For Mobile Devices

Peter de Jong details the unexpected performance issues he encountered when porting the physics-based platformer Human Fall Flat to mobile devices.

Designing A System To Replace Virtual Dice Rolling

Joris Dormans describes the creation of an inventive gameplay mechanic in Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy that replaces virtual dice rolling.

How To Improve The 'About' Section On Your Game's Store Page

Joe Henson presents a series of tips for simplifying and optimizing your game's online store page to make it more appealing to potential customers.

Maya Vs Blender For Indie Game Studios

Fobula Games founder Berke Erem compares 3D asset creation applications, highlighting their advantages for indie studios and first-time developers.

What Is Royalty Free Music For Video Games?

Kent Carter demystifies the concept of royalty-free music, explaining how video game developers can license it for use in their projects.

  • platinum Guildhall at SMU --Plano, TX 
  • Guildhall at SMU
    Southern Methodist University's Guildhall is the premier graduate video game education program in the United States. The program offers a Master's Degree in Interactive Technology and a Graduate Certification.