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Lessons From World 1-1: How To Design An Introductory Level

Louis-Nicolas Dozois breaks down the essential elements of a great first level, explaining in detail how you can prepare your players for the challenges ahead.

Stuff I Learned The Hard Way: Practical Advice For Game Devs

Ubisoft game designer Andrii Goncharuk reflects on the lessons learned over the course of his career to present these 15 pieces of practical advice for game developers.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Video Game?

Deck13's Michael Hoss addresses recent discussions regarding game budgets, putting game development costs in perspective for students seeking an industry career.

Kick start your career by studying flexibly, online

Take advantage of the opportunities available in app development and build your skills by devising creative apps in both solo and co-creative contexts on this MA designed by industry experts.

Game Design Challenge: Costume Craze

Can you craft a satisfying gameplay mechanic based on costume design? Test your skills and compete with your friends in October's Game Design Challenge!

Living In Seattle As An Indie Game Developer

Want to work or go to school in a new city? Jakub Kasztalski weighs the pros and cons of living in Seattle as an indie game creator.

How To Network If You Suck At Networking

Need help getting a conversation started? Jasmine Greene offers tips for discussing game design with your fellow developers.

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  • Full Sail University
    Named one of the Princeton Review’s top schools for Game Design in 2015, Full Sail University offers Bachelor's Degrees in Game Art, Game Development, Game Design (Online), and a Master's in Game Design.