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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Inappropriate Title

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  • Jeremy Sweetman, Qantm College - Melbourne, Australia, Quake

    In 1996 id Software launched Quake; a first person shooter game, in 2010 Quake has been re-imagined as a third person action survival game littered with various puzzles and based on a theme of global destruction as the world gets torn apart by earthquakes.

    Quake (re-imagined) is inspired by dozens of earthquake disaster films that have been produced, bringing the tension of survival and the unpredictability of earthquake destruction to the gaming arena.

    Concept narrative

    Sean O'Donoghue is one of the brightest young geologists the world has known; making many discoveries leading to renewed understanding of the world. However the discovery that made him the unwitting focus of the world's governments was that the world was going to be devastated in a violent tectonic migration. Having been the target of numerous deep core mining operations over recent decades (hence weakening the Earth's crust) and natural gravitational alignments, the Earth was edging towards a global seismic event of a magnitude never experienced before. Although the data was sound, timings were vague - short of a 12-month event window.

    Sean constantly reviews data at key global sites, trying to predict accurate timings for the impending disaster. At the same time, governments globally worked tirelessly on Project Noah - a series of Arks with the intention of preserving humankind.

    Black Friday, August 13th 2022, Sean was deep underground within an abandoned mining shaft, when predictions were no longer needed. The ground started to shake with increasing intensity. The beginning of the end was now upon us.


    The Earth is retaliating violently and little doubt exists that the predicted global quake has commenced. Sean must escape back to the Ark(s) and over (approx.) 15 levels must run, climb, drive, fly and swim his way to achieve this safety.

    Along the way Sean collects various survival-based items in which to assist in solving the puzzles scattered throughout each level. In addition, Sean will be tasked with collecting items in which to fashion makeshift survival tools or devices to help with his escape. However, a movement penalty would be incurred if trying to carry too much.

    Player's would also have access to a range of vehicles to traverse waypoints. These would include motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes and boats. Each vehicle would offer a unique experience as the player manoeuvres through the active and dynamic landscape.

    Quakes would be both scripted and unpredictable adding to the level of uncertainty and tension within game-play. Damage caused by quakes would also both scripted (to progress story) and unpredictable.

    Another key component of game-play would be rescuing trapped people from ‘immediate' danger. These rescue attempts would be puzzle based and would offer bonus items, additional time and information bonuses to the player i.e. shortcuts through levels, survival items, maps etc.

    Level ideas

    - Climbing out of the mine shaft, avoiding rocks and falling debris and rescuing fellow trapped colleagues. Lava bubbling to the surface could provide the main motivator to exit mine quickly.

    - Using vehicles to drive from one location to the next. Various jumps and debris would form obstacles along the way. Vehicles could be swallowed by fissures forcing players to source new transport.

    - Flying a plane (from take-off), players must avoid falling debris, collapsing buildings and dense smoke.

    - Using a ferry as transport, it is hit by a tsunami, and trapped; the player must escape the ship while it is tossed about and rolling in the ocean.


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