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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: The Letter

    - staff
  •  Though paper letters aren't such a big part of our lives anymore, they were once of tremendous significance.

    Email, Twitter, blogs, instant messaging, cell phones, and Facebook have all drawn us closer, but there was a time when momentous information would come in a letter; information that could change the course of someone's life.

    This design challenge deals with such a letter.

    GameCareerGuide's readers were challenged to create a game called The Letter, which opens with the main character receiving a very significant letter.

    What's the content of the letter? Where does he or she go from there? These elements were up to our readers, as were setting, content, and genre. The only restriction is that the game's story must begin with the protagonist receiving a letter.

    It worked for Silent Hill 2, didn't it?

    What follows are the best and most original entries we received. Here are our top picks:

    Best Entries
    Jay Gavarra
    (see page 2)
    Gavarra's entry makes the written word a crucial gameplay element, as the game's opening letter serves as both an initial impetus and a physical landscape that must be charted. Traditional platforming bridges the gap between the letter and the physical world in this imaginitive title.

    Garrett Guillotte (see page 3)
    Guillotte suggests a complex yet largely anonymous MMORPG in which players are drafted and instructed by a real-world letter. A mid-game twist provides additional tension, further fueled by the game's unique premise and lack of explicit communication.

    Alessandro Toffoli (see page 4)
    In Toffoli's version of The Letter, a homeless man receives a mysterious note that starts him on a journey to his troubled homeland. Players must use limited resources to complete difficult tasks and help a visually impaired young man survive his trek through a warring country.

    Honorable Mentions
    Will Armstrong IV (see page 5)
    Jorge E. García Celorio (see page 6)
    Andrew Bittman (see page 7) 
    Rodrigo Lima (see page 8)
    Lorelli Joglekar (see page 9)
    Kara Tanek (see page 10)
    Matt Glanville (see page 11)


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