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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: The Crisis of Credit

    - staff
  •  In its latest Game Design Challenge, Game Career Guide called on its readers to explain the complexities of the global credit crisis within the context of a fun and original video game.

    Entries could approach the challenge from one of several angles, and the result could take place within any genre. Would a credit crisis-themed game be a good fit for the action genre? Would a survival horror title be appropriate? Or would finance-oriented gameplay be well suited to the time management genre?

    While several entries attempted to get the message across by putting the player in the role of characters like investment bankers and mortgage brokers, many of the concepts behind the credit crunch proved too esoteric to provide compelling gameplay analogies.

    Many successful entries presented these ideas in terms of familiar gameplay situations. Common gaming tropes and scenarios often proved effective in communicating the causes and results of the worldwide financial crunch. Some especially noteworthy entries attempted to educate the player about his or her personal role in the global economy.

    What follows are the best and most original entries we received. Here are our top picks:

    Best Entries
    Elendil "Shin" Cañete, Game Designer, Credit Crash (see page 2)
    Cañete's shooter may appear simplistic in terms of gameplay, but it's this simplicity that so effectively teaches the importance of wise investments and balanced budgets. As a bonus, the concept adds its share of unique complexities to a largely stagnant genre.

    Daniel George Haddad, American University of Beirut, Life with the Crisis (see page 3)
    Life with the Crisis turns the global credit crisis into a personal experience for the player, and communicates its effects on an individual level. The goals, challenges, and situations here are slightly exaggerated, but are realistic enough to be compelling.

    Michael Vaughn Green, Freelance Multimedia Designer and Interactive Artist, Zombie Bank Attack Arcade (see page 4)
    Though Green's game idea lacks a realistic narrative, its bizarre plot nevertheless manages to feature a strong connection to its source material. Boasting frantic action centered around cooperation-based multiplayer gameplay, players could end up learning more from Zombie Bank Attack Arcade than they might expect.

    Honorable Mentions
    Sharon Hoosein, Carnegie Mellon University, MoneyWorld (see page 5)
    Melissa Manlutac, Artist, Metro09: The Life of a Salary Man (see page 6) 


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