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  • Shaping Narrative And Visual Style Through Influences

    - Thomas Pagani

  • To pimp butterflies

    Something I've personally always tried to do while producing/developing all Team SolEtude's past projects was to develop them as shorter or longer music albums, rather than games.

    The division in chapters isn't only related to literature or certain movie directors, but also to the various songs that form an album itself.

    So, for Asobi, the idea was to conceive it in the same way but with some enhancements: the music references and inspirations are way more than in previous projects and the narrative tries to achieve a sense of musicality through sentence structure, repetition, imagery and metaphors in every aspect of the game.

    The sources between this intention were, mainly, Kendrick Lamar and Swans music. Even though these artists are totally distant from each other, their use of music led the path to a totally new approach for all of us.

    In our previous games, in fact, we were less subtle and more direct with the themes and the dialogues, so we decided to use Asobi and the entire occasion of the Spooktober VN Jam to experiment way more with our approach to game development, narrative and art.

    This also helped with the game's sound: following Beyond Your Window approach to atmospheric sounds, we used mainly ambient sounds to make players feel as if they're really driving, with a sense of repetition thanks to the windshield wipers before the taxi driver turns the radio on and mysterious, dark music starts.


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