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  • Hang Line: Production Data And Tools Used

    - Ed Kay

  • Unity Assets Used

    Where would I be without the Unity Asset Store? Absolutely nowhere is the answer. There's simply no way I would have had the ability or will power to code some of the tools you can get on the asset store, and a lot of it is even free. Here's a complete list of what plugins I used:

    I2 localisation - 50 USD
    Well supported by its creator, robust, Google Sheets integration.

    Post Processing V2 - Free
    Unity's own post processing stack. I used bloom, colour grading and vignette. I will admit that the post processing wasn't fast enough for the game on mid-low end android devices and had to be switched off on those.

    Log Viewer - Free
    Look at the Unity log directly on your mobile device or any other build. This is so useful for finding issues directly on a build, esepecially in playtests where you may not have your computer with you.

    Editor Coroutines - Free
    Simple but useful package that allows you to run coroutines in the editor. I used this so I could run expensive mesh generation code on my levels within the editor. This meant that code would run in the background so the editor wouldn't freeze, meaning I could continue editing the level as the art was being generated. Massive time saver.

    OBJExporter - Free
    A handy little tool that allows you to export a scene to an obj file. This can be useful when you're starting off and have hacked together a test level in the unity editor using cubes etc, but you then want to take this into Blender/Maya and understand the scale or make it look pretty.

    PolyMesh - Free
    A simple editor tool that allows you to build simple 2D shapes directly in the editor. Used it to create a level editing tool.

    Coherent Noise - Free
    Absolutely brilliant suite of noise generation functions. Easy to set up and super powerful.



    Software used

    Unless otherwise stated, all of these are for either Windows or Mac.

    Unity - Free

    FMOD - Depends on license

    Blender - Free
    I chose this simply because it's free and my 3D modelling and animation requirements were quite simple, but I was super impressed with it in general.

    Affinity Designer - 50$
    Brilliant pay-once alternative to Adobe Illustrator with a similar interface.

    Davinci Resolve - Free
    Fantastic easy to learn tool for video editing. Used for my trailers.

    yEd - Free
    A lightweight diagramming tool that I always use for flow charts or other diagrams for design docs. Incredibly easy to learn and ultra fast. I looooooooove this tool and have used it for nearly 15 years.

    Gif Brewery 3 - Free (Mac)
    Great tool for recording gifs, compressing gifs or making a video into a gif. Gifs can be great for capturing people's attention on twitter.

    OBS - Free
    Used for recording video for trailers etc. I have to admit, my machine is ageing and it could barely handle it, and I do find OBS quite clunky to use. I recently found out that on Mac you can actually record the screen in Quicktime, which is actually a pretty solid alternative.

    Wrap up

    If there's anything else that I missed or you'd like to ask, feel free to reach out to me on twitter @edform. Also, if you'd like to be informed when I write a new article, or are at all curious about what I'm working on next, you can sign up to my newsletter:

    DinoBoss Newsletter

    Please let me know in the comments if you found these articles useful, and best of luck in your game dev adventure!


    PS. This was part 3 of a 3 part article. You can read the first part about how pirates made my game successful here:

    Hang Line Postmortem - Part 1

    Ed Kay is an independent game developer and owner of one man game studio DinoBoss, responsible for goat grappling action game Hang Line.


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