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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Local Legends

    - Danny Cowan

  • Veronika Tanaeva, Indie Game Designer (Junior) from Moscow, Libera Libri

    The game about reaching and sharing the knowledge.

    Top-down stealth horror experience with elements of tactical RPG, were you need to pick up the most fitting character from your squad for mission and use your gaming skill not to lose the advantage. Find mysterious Ivan Grozny's Library in the Moscow undergrounds. Try to avoid all its inhabitants.

    According to local legends, Moscow Underground contains much more than just Metro. There are frightening mutants living in the tunnels, all of them afraid of even more terrifying Ghost Train which picks up everyone on its way and abducts its victims to nowhere.

    In distant future, when the events of the game take place, Earth was abandoned and faced decay. Leaving to Mars, people took away all available sources of knowledge with them. Mythical Ivan Grozny's Library is the only hope for those who were sent back to Earth as a death sentence for their sins.

    Locations are top-down dungeons with difficult labyrinths. Visual style and atmosphere inspired by This War of Mine.

    You can pick one of several available characters for each mission and explore undergrounds. Supplies and time are limited, firepower is really low. Goal is to reach the Library as fast as you can, but you'll have to search for food and lights, leave underground to have some rest, solve puzzles to open blocked tunnels, avoid encounters with mutants and, of course, run away from Ghost Train. But beware: your group might be not the only one searching for the Library, and others might not want to share.

    Each shift you decide whether to replenish the supplies in familiar safe areas or explore the unknown locations. You pick and equip one of available characters whose personal parameters fit the mission best. Each character can't go on two missions in a row (even more if was hurt), so you need to be careful.

    Character can interact with some objects on a map, open new start points for the travel, hide from the enemies behind the corners and in different holes. The presence of enemies is identified by special sounds. Characters can barely fight, so the player must always consider some place to hide.

    You start with only one character. On your way you meet other characters. You have to find information about them before inviting them in your squad as some of them will be useless and will just spend the supplies while others may kill you in your sleep. Also, you can't pick endless number of characters. You may ask one to leave in order to invite someone more useful, but he knows your shelter and your intentions so he can return to get revenge. 


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