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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Face Your Fears

    - Danny Cowan

  • Noah Amat, Junior Level Designer, Equilibrium


    A child who is afraid of heights is trapped in a nightmare. The only way out of it and into a magical exit door. Unfortunately, to reach this door the child will have to cross several places through bridges and cables suspended in the void.


    The game is a match 3, where the player must create matches to move the child forward until the end of the different levels, so that he can reach the exit.

    The levels are represented by bridges to cross, each time the player finishes a level he will have the possibility to choose between 3 improvements:

    • Increase the child's speed

    • Increase the child's stress level

    • Increase the child's imbalance gauge

    The child has 2 gauges, a stress gauge and a balance gauge. The matches created may increase or decrease these gauges.

    • The stress gauge increases with each second of the level, the higher the stress gauge is, the more saturated and fuzzy the game screen will be, making it more difficult to play matches.

    • The imbalance gauge increases when the player takes too long to play a game. If the gauge reaches its maximum, the child will fall off the bridges and the level will be lost.

    The combinations:

    The player will be able to combine 5 spheres of different colors that will have different effects:

    • Red: causes the child to run but loses balance

    • Orange: makes the child run but increases his stress

    • Yellow: makes the child walk and reduce stress

    • Green: makes the child walk and restore some balance

    • Blue: stops the child and reduces stress

    • Purple: stops the child and restores his or her balance

    The more the match contains different spheres, the more the positive effect will be amplified.


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