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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Face Your Fears

    - Danny Cowan

  • Nick Feofentov, Researcher, The Monster

    Genre: Top-down Stealth.

    You come back home after school. Your parents raised you with respect and love, they never hurt you and mean no harm to you in any sense. They believe you are a decent person.

    But you did horrible things.

    They shouldn't find it out by all means, because every misstep you made transforms you into the Monster.

    Game consists of several levels. You hide in a house with labyrinth-like structure which changes every day.

    You are followed by your parents. They have cone of vision which you have to avoid. Sometimes they use abilities to destroy walls and hiding places, create more obstacles or walk faster. While using abilities they ask you a question or say something to you, eg.:

    "How was you day at school?"

    "You shouldn't spend so much time in front of a computer"

    If you aren't caught, your answer is short:


    "You are right"

    Otherwise you have to say something back:

    "Good in general, but I had some difficulties with geography classes"

    "That's how I communicate with my friends"

    Each time you are caught your "Monster Score" increases and your appearance changes. Your goal is to survive until night before "Score" reaches the maximum value.


    Your room - safe place for limited time, once per day.

    Quests - house duties: clean a room, water flowers, etc. Accomplishing gives ability points which you can spend on active abilities:

    Build a wall in selected place. Careless using can trap you inside. Parents can create doors but it requires time.

    Enter virtual world near computers and gaming consoles. Transfers you to safier virtual space for limited time.

    Lie when caught to avoid "Monster Score" increasing. 


    If you beat all the levels you'll get the bad ending: 

    You are grown up now, moved to another town. You still in a good relationships with your parents but you can never be honest with them and tell them what do you really feel on any matter.


    If at any given level you fail and become the Monster: 

    You burst with anger speech that you've been lying to them all the time because you didn't want them to know that you are not a person they want you to be and you will never be, because you are the Monster and they should give up believing in you.

    After that they say sorry for that, they wish they hear and understand you better, that everyone makes mistakes and it just makes them human, not monsters. They really proud of your achievements and no failures make them less important. They wish you to be happy and they won't blame you for any feelings you have.

    You transforms from the Monster to a child again.

    They hug you and since then you start your way to talk with parents.

    This is the good ending.


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