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  • Promoting Your Indie Game: Online Tools And Links

    - Thomas Reisenegger

  • Press Tools

    Similarweb / See how big websites are

    Similar to services like Alexa, Similarweb estimates how much traffic websites get.

    What I like about this tool is that it gives you an actual estimated traffic number over a rank. If you check out websites individually you can use the tool for free via the website or the super handy Google Chrome Plugin.

    I made it a habit of checking the traffic of each gaming site we are dealing with to get a quick, rough estimation of their size. Especially handy when you have a limited amount of review codes to work with.

    Community Management Tools

    Loomly / Draft and schedule social media posts with others

    If more than one person works on the social media presence of your game across channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, swapping login and drafts can get messy quickly.

    With Loomly you can have one centralised point where you can draft, edit, comment, approve and schedule posts across different social networks.

    Very handy, for a certain team size with a handful of people at least- but mind most Loomly features are paid only. / Remove backgrounds from images with one click

    If you want to remove the background of a picture to only have a person or item left - you know, for professional memes and things - then is your friend.

    The tool is free, doesn't require a sign-up and automatically cuts out pictures in a surprisingly accurate manner within seconds. Thanks AI!

    Tweetdeck / Schedule tweets and track your game

    I live on Twitter, and my favourite place to hang out is the free Tweetdeck.

    It's basically just another Twitter client (you just login to the website with your details) but it has some very handy features for PR.

    For starters you can 1) schedule Tweets (handy!), 2) switch and reply from several accounts super easily, and 3) you can set up search columns that show you every mention of specific words and phrases. I use this for all games to put in game titles like "A Place for the Unwilling", "Omno", "The Legend of Zelda" etc. This way you should spot most articles and bigger youtube videos going live without having to google your title multiple times daily - a super useful quick monitoring tool.

    Vid IQ / See tons of extra stats for YouTube videos

    Youtube search optimisation is a dark and mysterious art but can be super mega helpful to get your game seen by a lot of people.

    I think it's always 100% worth trying to tag your videos right and giving them SEO friendly titles, as this can help you get some extra traction on the platform for free.

    One of the best methods to learn what the youtube algorithm likes at the moment is looking up what other successful video do.

    The free chrome plugin VidIQ shows plenty of data, info and tags of all videos on the platform.

    Hashtagify / See what tags are most popular on Twitter

    There has been much debate lately on how well hashtags still work on Twitter (some still swear by them, some say they don't do much at all anymore) but if you want to use tags, sites like Hashtagify can be great.

    You basically type in a tag that you like and it shows you how popular that is. For all the moments when you are not sure if #indiedev or #gamedev is the better choice.

    Twitch Tools

    Twitchmetrics / Find Twitch streamers more easily

    Twitch is great but finding influencers on Twitch is super hard.

    Twitchmetrics doesn't quite solve the problem, but it does make it much easier to find influencers that play a variety of different games or a specific game that might be similar to your title.


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