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  • Promoting Your Indie Game: Online Tools And Links

    - Thomas Reisenegger

  • Gif Making Tools

    Ezgif / The BEST gif tool for compressing, converting and optimizing gifs

    I LOVE gifs. A lot. I make gifs that are almost like mini trailers for all the games we work on, to use in pitches, social media etc. - I even gave a GDC talk on gifs.

    Ezgif is a criminally underrated gif website and I don't know why on earth it's free. But let's not question it.

    It's easy to use, doesn't require a login and can do a lot of brilliant things for gifs like compressing them gradually to stay just under file size limits, resizing them, cutting out single frames or converting videos into gifs. Highly recommended!

    ScreenToGif / Capture your screen and make gifs

    The easiest way to capture a new gif for your game is ScreenToGif.

    The free tool allows you to just have a window on your screen, record whatever is under it and turn it into a gif.

    Giphy / Perfect if you want to make a quick gif from a YouTube video

    If you've got a YouTube trailer of your game and just need super quick gif, is your best bet.

    You just copy a video link in (no sign up required) set a timestamp and boom you've got yourself a gif.

    Other Tools / Video game trailer specifictaions

    If you submit trailers to one of the big video game stores (Nintendo, Sony etc.) they usually have different specifications (sizes, logo pop-ups in the trailer opening etc.) which videos need to meet to be accepted on the store, or maybe get featured on the channel's social media etc. Those specifications can even be different per region.

    Luckily trailer expert Derek Lieu put a guide with all the specifications on his website.

    Mailtester / See if your mails will land in spam folders

    Building and running good mailing lists is just making something of a comeback in indie games marketing. If you are looking into mailing your players regularly I can highly recommend using a service like Mailtester.

    Once you've got your mail campaign set up you can send a test mail to the service and it will tell you how likely it is that your email will land in spam folders. Additionally, the site also shows you easy to understand steps on how to improve your email score.

    Kicktraq Biggercake / See extra Kickstarter data

    If you are running a Kickstarter campaign I cannot recommend the free website and google chrome plugin Kicktraq enough. Also, biggercake.comoffers some really good additional crowdfunding data for every campaign.

    With it you can not only see some extra data like the funding progress per day, but also see graphs that track your progress and try to predict how your campaign might end up doing at the current pace.

    GDC vault / A million video game talks

    The GDC Vault and Youtube channel are excellent resources to soak up years of marketing, PR and community management knowledge. While some videos are locked behind the paywall, many of them are free to watch. / Make a sick flame font

    If you've been wondering about the beautiful flame font used in this blog post (of course you have), is your way to go.

    We asked the team in the lab, and they confirmed that it's officially the best website on the internet.

    Any Tools Missing?

    If you've got any other useful tools or links please let me know on Twitter @olima and I will expand the list regularly


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