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  • Do You Have A Game Dev Coach On Your Team?

    - Amir H. Fassihi

  • Is the Game Director a Coach?

    The main expectation for the game director is to define the creative vision for the game and make sure the project is moving towards it daily. Getting involved with the performance of the team members is not part of the duties of the director, although many might want to play the role of a coach.

    Is the Producer a Coach?

    The most important expectation from a video game producer is to be a project manager, meaning someone that can balance the game features, project budget, and time. The producer might cut some game features, try to find more budget or extend some dates. Making sure the individuals are empowered is not necessarily her concern. However, many producers may play the role of a coach.

    Is the Technical/Design/Art Lead a Coach?

    Leads make sure their departments deliver what is required for the project in time and with the needed quality. They are usually experts in their domain. They can judge the quality, and they can delegate tasks. They are mentors for sure; however, coaching skills, while not necessarily expected from them, can help them lead their respective teams.

    Is the Company CEO a Coach?

    The CEO should make sure the company is following the vision, and all the operations are functioning. The operations range from production and development to finance and marketing. Those activities make dealing with individual company members a rather tricky job. Coaching skills can make any CEO a better one, no doubt.

    The Case for a Coach

    We can conclude that the role of a coach has been divided and gets played by various members of a game development team at different times. The coach role will be like the foundation of a team, monitoring the group, and thinking about ways of empowering the team by converting the team members to their best versions. The more we consider this role consciously in our daily activities, the better results we should expect, especially in the long run.

    Maybe it is about time to consider a dedicated coach role in our teams, forming a triad of leads. The director focuses on the quality of the product. The producer focuses on the way the project is progressing. The coach could focus on the actual people in the team and their progression, believing that the best teams make the best products.

    Do you have a coach in your game development team?


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