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  • One Year Of Game Dev After Graduation

    - Craig Robinson

  • Early concept scene of the cave by Spencer (not in game)

    Lumen has come a long way from its beginnings. Developing games is not easy, especially when your team has no experience with it at all.

    Very early Lumen in a pre-alpha build

    Lumen quickly became each team members personal passion project. We all have the same goal - to make a game deserving of our lovable little Lumen. We are still a long way off, but we are very close to a polished demo that we are proud of. Here is what Lumen looks like today:

    Lumen Pre-Demo build in an updated version of the cemetery

    It took roughly a year for us to make sense of what we were doing and what we were capable of. Over this year I became semi-proficient with Unity and C#. I was never big into programming, but Lumen gave me the motivation to learn and develop my skills.

    Along with programming my role includes project management, funding, marketing, game design and story creation. I contribute to most aspects of Lumen, filling in whatever the team needs. As such I've had the pleasure of learning many aspects of game design while working with the closest people to me.

    Lumen Pre-Demo Build

    As the game came to life, the team all started to believe this could be more than just a small demo project. We had learned and accomplished so much in a short time. Our team all worked incredibly well with each other and development became effortless. We realized our Buttery Games dream could potentially become a reality.

    Lumen Pre-Demo Build

    All of us are now equal partners in Buttery Games, and would like to remain independent as a studio. We want to remember one fact - making games should always be fun.


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