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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: I Need A Hero

    - Danny Cowan

  • Renato Araújo Lima, Student at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Brazil, Professor X

    Charles Xavier is a mutant, a specie of men that carries a special gene which gives him super powers. Throughout time, it was very rare to have this gene activated, but, by a cosmic burst, many people started to demonstrate signs of the same mutation.

    With the help of his team, he must find these new mutants and stop the Brotherhood, a group of misguided ones that are trying to fight against mankind. These are lead by a former colleague of Xavier, Eric Lehnserr (Magneto).

    The first fight is trying to defend a US military base and you are in the control of the battle strategy.

    Your team (The original X-Men): Beast, Marvel Girl (Jean), Iceman, Angel, Cyclops

    First Opponent: Magneto

    At the end of the mission, the government makes a deal with Charles to keep them out of sight from media and distance from the school for gifted youngsters. Now that Xavier and the X-Men have freedom of the terrain. You can expand, enhance and edit the mansion to host new students and build new teams to defend the world and prepare mankind for a more equally balanced and righteous place for everyone.

    There are 3 game modes: story, management and battles. The story is basically fused in all the interactions, but mostly during his time with the students and team members, understanding them and teaching morale and how to use their powers. If the student are unsatisfied, they become stubborn and even can get out of the school.

    With the help of your crew, you can order and plan new changes in the school, gather resources and improve equipment for the teams. To teach them, you should decide which characters will be the masters of each class.

    By getting in the Cerebro, a machine that boost your powers, you can choose rescue, stealth and defensive missions, the team of mutants that will participate and their equipment, by spending resources. During the mission, you can give commands, boost morale and even try to use your psychic power to take control of some object or enemy.

    Special features could be implemented like a "Pokemon Go" mutant search or even a VR version of the game that could give more immersion into the characters perspective.

    In the end, the main goal should be a battle strategy game with "Persona" character build and using the lore of this huge marvel brand to take the role of this brilliant mind, director and hero, Professor Charles Xavier.


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