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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: I Need A Hero

    - Danny Cowan

  • Eddy Alain NJIKI.T, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, Spirit

    Spirit is an adventure and Puzzle game.

    Synopsis: You play as John, a seriously ill teenager who is forced to stay locked in his hospital room. But john has a superpower, he can bring out his mind from his body like a ghost, in this form he goes through everything he touches and he uses it to escape his room and fly above the city. He can also possess people in order to save them from dangerous circumstances.

    How to play

    You have to observe the situation and possess the characters who can resolve the puzzle.

    Everybody have different abilities, for example, you can control a strong man who can push heavy objects or  a kid who can sneak into narrow places like ventilation ducts. But John can only possess them a limited amount of times before his spirit goes back in his body, so you will have to possess and act smartly and in the good order.

    If you can save at least one person, the level is complete.

    For example, in a building on fire for example, you will have to use different person in order to save everybody.

    You are capable to succeed because you have an overall view of the situation when you are in your phantom form. Like you can see a key for a door behind rubble, and possess the child and sneak to pick her up or use your phantom form to see the exact position of a survivor and possess and help him with the right tools to get them out.

    In this situation, if John possess Joe to open the door, and posses paul to move the rock, and re-possess joe to open the second door, i will not have enough possess to finish the level, so the solution here is pretty simple, John have to possess paul first to move the rock, Posses Joe to open the two door and possess billy to sneak into the vent and get out.


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