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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Call Of The Wild

    - Danny Cowan

  • Nathan Gabriel, Game Development Student at PUCPR (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná), BeeThrive

    BeeThrive is a simulation and strategy game where the player controls a beehive.

    The objective of the game is to have a huge honeycomb and large population in it. You lose the game when your queen dies and you stay 15 days without a queen, when the honey production ends and there's not enough bees to produce more or when the beehive is destroyed completely.

    To guide you honeycomb to success you can:

    - Assign bees to work in honey production, pollination, construction, etc.

    - Control the population in matter of reproduction (or death) by defining capsules to store larvaes.

    - Build more sections of the honeycomb in new places (Those places can be dangerous, colder, etc)

    - Control de quality of the honey and its proportion to royal jelly.

    - Plan what to do in different seasons, daytimes and when accidents happen (people messing with the comb, diseases, etc)

    The game interface allows you to do the above in four panels:

    • The control panel:

    In this section the player will receive the real time information of what is happening or he does in the honeycomb. Here you can control and watch the bees that leave to pollinate flowers and also see if some special event is happening (a bear is attacking the comb/people are trying to mess with it/the bees got a disease).

    • The comb panel:

    Here is the place where the player can control the size and dimensions of the honeycomb, here you can build more parts of the comb, taking care to build it in secure places, away from dangerous conditions and close to the queen (it's good to remember that you have to build more things so you hive can progress).

    • The Honey production panel:

    The players have to produce food to keep the bees and the queen alive, here you can control this process so the honey will no be over or underproduced, you also have to mix the right quantities of enzymes and sugars to make a good and filling honey (and royal jelly)

    • The Stats panel:

    This is the panel where you can look at general information about the bees and the hive, here you can see static information about the comb (the information in the Control panel are dynamic, like a newsfeed).

    When you begin the game you can choose the ambient conditions of the place the hive will be built, this helps to control the difficulty of the game, the player can choose the temperature, the population (of other animals), the available space and the disposibility of resources, the player can also choose a random place to begin the honeycomb.


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