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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Battle Royale

    - Danny Cowan

  • Samer Muhanna, Student at North Garland High School in Garland, Texas, Pokemon Battle Royale


    -50 pokemon trainers spawn in a big open map, 100 will cause for too many unnecessary battles

    -There will be pokeballs, with pokemon inside, that each player can grab

    -You can grab up to 3 pokeballs

    -Once you interact with another player, they have to have at least one pokeball, you will partake in a standard pokemon battle that no one can third party

    -Who ever wins can take the losers pokemon

    -There will also be revives and potions on the floor that can be used to heal your pokemon

    -Once there are two players left they will automatically partake in their battle

    -Before you land you are allowed to take a starter pokemon, however they will most likely not be very viable as the game continues as they will be relatively weak

    -You can also find rare candies on the floor that can evolve your pokemon

    -The pokemon you find will already have a set moveset, (different pokeballs of the same pokemon may have different movesets)

    -The areas in the map will be from the actual games

    -If you have a pokemon that knows an hm (e.g fly) you can use it to move throughout the map, however a move like fly won't be able to be used if you are near another player or are already in battle, but something like surf can be used near another trainer.

    -Once you finish a battle you will have a chance to heal your party or take the loser's items to heal your party

    -It will be a third person game

    -When the battle starts all pokemon will be at the same level(50)

    -Legendary pokemon won't be spawning until there are 10 players left

    -It will be very obvious to see a legendary pokemon spawning, so players are attracted to it

    -However the legendary pokemon can be something like a jirachi or a rayquaza it depends on the player's luck

    -Status ailments such as paralysis will be removed once a battle is complete

    -There will be many skins that the player either earns or purchases (not decided)

    -They skins can also be characters that aren't playable from the original games such as elite four members or rivals

    -There can be a possibility for every to choose their 4 moves for each pokemon, assuming only generation 1 pokemon are used, which would only be about 150

    -They can choose from learned moves, tms, hms, and possible egg and special moves (eg. draco meteor)


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