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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Throw It Out!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Renan Yamao, Student at PucPR in Paraná, Brazil, Cooking is Relaxing

    Objective: Serve a determined amount of customers in each level.

    You are a cook, you have to manage your fridge so that everything fits in and make sure you have all the ingredients that you need to make dishes.

    There's only two ways to get rid of the food on your fridge: you either serve it to a customer or you wait untill it expires and then you can throw them away.
    After some time the foods go bad and you'll have to throw them away, but even if you throw some food away there'll be a truck that comes from time to time and lets you grab some food.

    Each level has a number of clients that you have to serve to win.

    To serve a client you have to make a plate with the ingredients that he wants and if you don't have the ingredients in the fridge then you won't be able to serve them.

    During a level the truck will come 3 times and you'll have a limited time to get all the ingredients that you want and organize them in your fridge.

    Ingredients that are not used will rot after some time and if you don't use them you can't throw them away because that would be wasteful, so you have to think carefully on what you get from the truck.

    After you finish a level you'll get some money depending on the amount of clients that you served.

    With the money you'll be able to buy more space on the fridge or expand your restaurant so you'll have more time to serve clients or even extra time before an ingredient expires.
    It'll start with only a few ingredients and a few different options for recipes, but as the game progresses more ingredients and more recipes will be added, making managing your fridge harder.

    Later clients that want more than 1 dish may appear and they wont be marked as served unless you can provide all the dishes that they want.


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