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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Throw It Out!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Alexander Hansen, Student at River Valley High School, Blast Off!

    My idea for a game about a spaceship launching into space, but the twist is that the rocket is too heavy and can't properly take off. So you the player in a first person point of view must grab objects from the rocket that you think to be unnecessary for your mission to space. Seems easy so far but you can't get rid of everything some parts are vital for your mission such as food and parts that keep the spaceship flying and you alive.

    Bigger objects will weigh more but they may be more important to the mission so you have to decide whether you need it or not. The game will allow you to throw out almost every part of the ship, so you may throw out almost useless items like a comb or something a little more important such as rocket fuel or a motherboard, so be careful what you pick up and throw away.

    You will be timed as you you need to be light enough to break the atmosphere and get into space but if the time runs out your rocket will fail and crash back to earth. Each level will be randomly generated to add more tension as you will never know where each disposable object is, how much it weighs, and how important it is, in example one play through might have a ten pound bag of space food while another may have 20 pounds so the player will have to decide if that if it better to have the more food or the less weight on the rocket.

    In addition to multiple disposable object locations, the locations of the points where you are able to throw them out will be changed, this will be explained in the game as there will be multiple rockets based off of real life spaceships with some artistic liberties taken to ensure that the player has enough room to move and that the game remains consistently entertaining and challenging, but be careful different spaceships may not even have the same parts so you'll have to determine their importance using your wits.

    Once you get into space the game will take in all the resources you dropped off and what you kept to determine if you'll survive your space mission. The game will be controlled with the normal first person shooter controls with the left stick being for movement, the right for looking around, and the x button for picking items up on dropping them (this for if the player is using a normal xbox controller). This game would work perfectly to the idea of throwing out inventory but cranked up to 11 by giving a time limit and different environments.


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