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  • Lessons Learned In Game Art Production: Part 2

    - Ricardo Bess

  • The artists were working on the hotel lobby, so i decided to anticipate their next challenge: the corridors. The blocking was almost done but the whole environment was done in a single asset, so I did the following:

    • Gathered information with the game designers if there were any issues with the current blocked out corridors.
    • Fixed the sizes and dimensions needed according to the game designers' input.
    • Separated all the needed assets in their corresponding prefabs.
    • Created new asset blocks as needed to populate the environment.
    • Named all the files and prefabs according to the studio's internal conventions.
    • Configured a simple white material to all prefabs so they could start reacting to light properly.
    • Made a lighting first pass.

    By now the developers aided the art team making a script that would allow us to jump from waypoint to waypoint (like we did in the previous project, but at that time we used a work around).

    Image 4  - Blocked out corridors

    After this, a build was made and I could evaluate the changes I had done before presenting to the game designers. Once I was happy with the blocked scene, it was presented in VR to the game designers scrutiny. After they were happy with the blocking, the scene was passed to the tech artists so they could start working and a list of 3D assets was made (with reference images) so the 3D artists could get the blocked assets and refine them to their final shape.

    This way we had found our pipeline.

    Image 5 - A simplified view of the pipeline

    At this point we had a PLAN, a GOAL  and a PIPELINE. From this stage on we could (ideally) simply cycle through our pipeline to face all the remaining challenges.

    We approached "the prologue", "the HUB", "the stairs" and "the epilogue" pretty much the same way: blocking - rough lighting - VR validation - 3D asset creation and tech artists in parallel.

    Image 6 - Blocked out HUB and epilogue


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