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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Just In Time

    - Danny Cowan

  • Seyed Ramezan Hosseini, Ph.D. Student at Sharif University of Technology in Iran, Glome

    The Game is about two "Time Master"s who are trapped in a restricted spacetime: they are in a moving train and trapped in a 4-hour time loop. Although they can create wormholes in spacetime to escape. Wormholes can be created in specific places in certain moments by a specific device called "Weltraumwurm".An anonymous friend hides some of these Weltraumwurms in specific spacetimes and leaves notes (again in specific places and certain moments) with the address of them and available spacetimes for creating wormholes. The winner is the first one who escapes this trap.

    The Board:

    The below figure shows the board (a 2D spacetime diagram). The vertical axis represents the space (the hunted train) and the horizontal one represents the time:

    Movements and Mechanics:

    The game is turn-based. Each player in his/her turn can do one of the followings:

    • move in the train forward or backward (and also moving forward in time with normal speed) 
    • wait (passing to the next time unit in the same place)
    • traveling back in time (3 time-units)
    • making/destroying barriers

    the first three options (the movements) are shown in the below figure (current position is the green space and arrows show the possible moves). Also, we must mention that they are trapped in a time loop so playing forward at 3:30 will send them to 0:00 and vice-versa.

    Also each player can create or destroy barriers:

    • creating a barrier: by waiting in a wagon, it can make a barrier in one side (above or bottom of that row) which will last for 5 units of time. It can be represented by placing 5 blocks in a row on the horizontal borders between places (starting from current place and go forward in time).  
    • destroying a barrier: by waiting in a place for 2 uninterrupted turns, the player can break the barrier for the rest of time.

    Setup Process:

    There are 3 Sets of cards:

    • 15 cards; one for each wagon
    • 15 cards; one for each moment
    • 6 card; 3 with word Weltraumwurm on it and 3 for "wormhole candidate"

    After shuffling each set, we'll create 6 group of trios by drawing cards from each of sets (without watching them). These trios are the notes: They show wormholes and Weltraumwurs' address. i.e. one of them can be "locomotive; 0:15;  Weltraumwur" which means there is a  Weltraumwurm hidden in the locomotive at the time 0:15.Then we'll draw 6 groups from the first 2 set and place the trios at the addresses they'll show. Another 2 dual group will specify each player's starting position on the board.


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