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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Safety First!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Logan Brenner, Student at University of Montevallo, Kitchen Safety

    The game will be a point and click style management game where the player is in the kitchen with children around, they will have to keep track of several different danger elements to keep the children from being hurt.

    The danger elements can include: Pot of boiling water, Drawer full of knives, Kitchen blender being pulled off the counter, etc.. With elements that can cause harm to the player themselves like cutting themselves with a knife or spilling hot water as the children run around.

    The player will have to keep track of several different elements with new elements being added and the stages increasing in difficulty after each successful stage. If a child is hurt the game ends and they must start the stage again. This will teach players the importance of being careful around the kitchen not only with themselves but with others around as well with the real world dangers that operating in a kitchen can bring.

    There could be a seven day cycle with the game being centered around making dinner for the family. They're could be another sequence where instead of being in a kitchen with children the player would instead be a professional chef with waiters/waitresses running around the kitchen and they would have to ensure the safety of all parties in the kitchen.


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