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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Fun for the Whole Family

    - Danny Cowan

  • Arielle Shander, Game Designer, Tag Troop


    Tag Troop is based on the popular Assassin's Creed series. However, unlike Assassin's Creed, which contains several missions that require the player to kill a target, Tag Troop challenges players to solve moral issues and conflicts through nonviolent means. As the title suggests, players will often be chasing and tagging a target as if they're playing a game of tag.


    A new member has been recently recruited by the Tag Troop, an elite force of kids dedicated to encouraging other kids to make moral choices in their everyday lives. After passing the entry test, the rookie receives the codename "Dart" and begins learning the tricks of the trade.

    Art Style:

    The graphical style is bright, colorful, and cartoony. Players can customize Dart's gender, physical appearance, and clothing.


    Tag Troop members must be fast, stealthy, and able to perform wild parkour moves. Also, all members are given a Freeze Glove, which emits a signal that compels fleeing targets to freeze in place when they are tagged. Although many missions involve chasing and tagging, some missions will deviate from this to add variety.

    By completing missions, Dart's rank increases. Each time a new rank is attained, Dart is granted access to more items. Examples include paper airplanes that can distract other characters, marbles that can be rolled toward targets' feet to trip them up, and balloons that allow Dart to float and glide while airborne. These items can help Dart complete missions and reach previously inaccessible areas. The inventory can be refilled at any Tag Troop base.

    If Dart fails a mission or runs out of stamina from falling during parkour too often, he/she will collapse from disappointment or exhaustion and wake up at the nearest base.

    Some missions can be achieved through more than one method. This gives the player some freedom to decide how they would like to accomplish a task.

    Mission Examples:

    Tag! You're It!: Chase and tag a bully who stole another kid's action figure. Use basic parkour skills to catch up to and tag the bully.

    Defeat the Cheat: Foil a classmate's attempt to cheat on a test. Dart sits down at a desk in a classroom for the duration of the mission and must draw attention to the cheater without been seen by the teacher. This is accomplished by throwing a paper airplane at the front of the room when the teacher is looking away and the cheater is cheating. This tricks the teacher into glancing at the row of students, which causes the cheater to get caught in the act. Additionally, the mission is timed, so there are only a few short windows of opportunity to expose the cheater.

    Mall Menace: Catch a shoplifter at the mall. The mission can be completed by chasing the thief and slowing them down with marbles to reach and tag them, though it's also possible to stealthily follow the shoplifter and tag them before they become aware of your presence.


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