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  • Postmortem: M.O.O.S.E. [11.19.13]
  • img Philip Yao looks back on M.O.O.S.E., a 2D puzzler developed by a team of five students enrolled at The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University.
  • Postmortem: Kraven Manor [11.14.13]
  • img Student designer Benjamin Roye takes a look at how his team approached Kraven Manor, an ambitious horror game that narrowed its scope significantly during development.
  • Postmortem: King's Ascent [08.08.13]
  • img Developer Sharon Hoosein outlines the troubles and triumphs of creating King's Ascent, a narrative-based platformer with unique mechanics.
  • SWARM!: An Academic Postmortem [03.21.13]
  • img In this detailed postmortem feature, indie developer Christopher Totten charts the creation of E4 Software's self-published mobile platformer SWARM!
  • Postmortem: FIEA's Penned [12.06.12]
  • img FIEA student and Zynga intern Alexis De Girolami details the missteps and difficult decisions involved in producing her student-run team's thesis project, Penned.