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  • Art Tricks For Indies: Abstraction [08.25.20]
  • img Nicholas Lives explains how artists can move away from directly visualizing actions in a game world, and opt instead to represent those actions through non-literal means.
  • Game Jam Beginner Tips For Success [08.20.20]
  • img Michael Nannings presents general tips and advice for amateur designers who want to participate in a collaborative game jam project.
  • Five Secrets Of Game Art Direction [08.18.20]
  • img Rahul Sehgal highlights five lessons he learned from managing art teams over the last decade, revealing how directors can get the best results from artists.
  • Finding The Fun In Serious Games [08.13.20]
  • img Game design major Daniel Wilhite explains how serious games can be made fun, and highlights elements that make for especially effective teaching tools.
  • 5 Game Engines To Try In 2020 [08.11.20]
  • img Michael Nannings outlines five game engines that indie creators can use to kickstart their creativity and establish a foothold in game development.