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  • Book Review: Creating Emotion in Games [08.18.04]
  • The topic of injecting "emotion" into games has been bandied about for years. David Freeman addresses the subject in his recent book, Creating Emotion in Games, which explores techniques that designers can employ to evoke more emotion from players.
  • Book Review: Beginning OpenGL Game Programming [08.17.04]
  • Beginning OpenGL Game Programming is an introduction to OpenGL that assumes prior programming experience, although not with OpenGL. It is a solid introduction to the API, particularly for the Windows platform.
  • Book Review: Beginning DirectX 9 [06.16.04]
  • Justin Lloyd finds Beginning DirectX 9 to be an ideal introduction to DirectX for those coming from the PS2 or OpenGL camps, though quite light in its coverage of DirectInput and DirectSound.
  • Book Review: PHP Game Programming [05.28.04]
  • PHP Game Programming provides an introduction to PHP programming, and using its dynamic web page generation to create online games.
  • Book Review: The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects 3rd Ed [05.14.04]
  • Justin Lloyd finds The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects to be one of the rare books he has read cover-to-cover, twice--and recomends reading it to anyone that needs to understand the language and technology of the art and effects side of this business.
  • Book Review: Beginning Direct3D Game Programming [05.04.04]
  • Justin Lloyd finds Beginning Direct3D Game Programming to be useful, but wanting in many ways--failing to live up to its title, and not providing any game-programming context in its text.