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  • Book Review: Introduction to Game Development [09.21.05]
  • Reviewer Brad Kane recommends this encompassing book which provides an introduction to all aspects of the theory and practice of game development, design, and production.
  • Book Review: Real-Time Cinematography [08.04.05]
  • Kane reviews Real-Time Cinematography for Games, by game developer and computer scientist Brian Hawkins, which translates the time-tested principles of live-action filmmaking into the language of interactive gaming.
  • Book Excerpt: Secrets of the Game Business [07.08.05]
  • From Secrets of the Game Business, this excerpt is a guide to international publishing deals, weighing the costs and benefits of worldwide and country-specific distribution agreements.
  • Book Excerpt: Game Coding Complete [06.29.05]
  • In this extract from Paraglyph's Game Coding Complete, author and game code veteran Mike McShaffry makes the point: "You can make your work much more efficient by improving how you design your software", and goes on to suggest some basic tips for game professionals.
  • Book Review: The Game Producer's Handbook [05.16.05]
  • In this book review, Brad Kane recommends The Game Producer's Handbook by Dan Irish, which explores the various areas of responsibility that a game producer holds, and details the best practices for handling them.