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Default Game Director Looking 4 Studio!!

Hey, I don't have much of a portfolio or some kind of Resume but I can say that I have lots to offer. I have much confidence for success and I am very passionate about creativity and collaboration. I make a great team leader and I will always put a smile on your face.

I have played lots of beta's, open and closed, such as AION(OB), Battlefield 2(CB), Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield F2P(CB), Starcraft 2(CB), Requiem(CB), Warcraft 3(CB), and lots and lots of other great titles.

I'm going to let ya'll know a little bit about myself. I was born in Knoxville, TN in 1987 and my father left me when I was a few weeks old. When I was 9 We moved in with my moms boyfriend where I got my first Computer and instantly started playing Starcraft, warcraft, and pretty much any game I could get my hands on. Before I had my PC it was Many titles for SNES, NES, Sega, and pretty much all consoles. From the time I had gotten my PC I was instantly hooked on the mechanics of the games on the PC.

I now have a very large collection of PC games just because I like the mechanics of each game because each one is different from the other, and now I have the perfect vision for the perfect FPSRPG. I don't want tot make this too long but I will go ahead and provide my contact information so that the studios can contact me and learn more from me.

Plz send information if your interested and if you have a vent server I'll be more than happy to talk.

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You realize that:

A) This isn't a recruitment forum
B) If you don't have any previous experience or marketable skills other than "good ideas" finding a job as a "Game Director" is impossible.

Can you program? Have you made any games before? I think you need to do a little more research on how the game industry works.
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I agree with There's a lot of guys like you that went and got that degree and built up that portfolio. If you like game mechanics that much, you should reverse-engineer them and then code them into a game.

Shoot, I have an incomplete game but I got some attention by the way I worded it on my resume.
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