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Getting a Job Creating Sound and Music for Videogames

img Industry veteran Will Morton gives hints and tips for anyone looking to jump-start a career in gaming audio.

Featured School Game: Life

Life is a 3rd Person Platformer where the player must return color, or life, back to his world. To do this, the player must kill enemies and take their color. They must then traverse through the environment to an activation point before they run out of time.

I Do And I Understand

Nicklaus Liow explains how the "learn by doing" approach is effective for game designers, and offers motivational hints for anyone seeking inspiration.

Results from Game Design Challenge: For Your Health

Game Career Guide's readers tackle the difficult prospect of designing games that teach accurate information about medical issues. Read on for our winning entries.

Important Tips for Using Royalty-Free Content

Want to use royalty-free images, sounds, or other content in your personal projects? Consult this handy guide first.

Results from Game Design Challenge: Instruments of Destruction

Our readers approach the rhythm genre with an eye for creativity and originality in these winning entries for our latest Game Design Challenge.

Vancouver Film School

The one-year Game Design program at Vancouver Film School covers everything students need to thrive in the game industry, from game theory to coding to portfolio production.

  • platinum Full Sail University --Winter Park, FL 
  • Full Sail University
    Named One of the Top Five Game Design Schools in the World by Electronic Gaming Monthly, Full Sail University offers Bachelor's Degrees in Game Art, Game Development, Game Design (Online) and Computer Animation, and a Master's in Game Design.