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Default Lines N Curves

Team name:
I am solo right now, so when I have a team, I'd like it to be a team-name then

Project name:
Lines & Curves

Brief description:

- Arcade type 2D side-scrolling game
- Never-ending War between “blockulars” and “curvatures”

Target system, programming language and/or tools, artist tools, sound tools, etc. If you're planning to develop for consoles, expect to be asked how you intend to pay the expensive licencing fees and aquire appropriate dev-kits.
- Programming: C# / XNA
- Graphics: GIMP
- Sound: MIDI Sounds/something that is freely available
(I have no experience, so if the time permits, I would like to try composing sounds).

Talent needed:
List the people you need, their expected tasks and any experience needed.
- Artist: Simple images/ 2D sprite-sheet for the level
- Sound composer: The project is not ready at the moment to handle sounds, but eventually I would like to incorporate sounds
- Mentor: I am very new to game-development, thus I am often stuck with a problem, or need some guidance when it comes to design. I would be doing all the programming, all I ask for is an opinion by some-one or help me out a bit when I am stuck.

Team structure:
I am the only one working on this project as of now.

My blog for this.

PM me or email me

Previous Work by Team:
I have worked with a team in making a 2D RTS. The emphasis was on implementing some AI techniques like D* and influence mapping.

Project Deadline:
The game project deadline is Jan 24th, since three days after that, the game-programming challenge @ ends 

Yes, I am going to send this as an entry!

Additional Info:
I want to work on this game to make it a portfolio worthy project. I am willing to learn and put in those hours to make it look good.
I already have a base code setup, but I just got started, so there is plenty of work that needs to be done. I also intend to write some re-usable code, that me or anyone who works on this game can use it for their own personal use.

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