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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Attitude Adjustment

    - Danny Cowan

  • Gustavo Moreira, Game Designer/Student at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Pain7

    Inspired by Wandersong, Journey and Gris, "Pain7" is a puzzle platform game where the player take a place in a journey to discover himself and the world. The world lost the colors and remains in silence. People are confuse and drowning in their feelings.

    Each emotion is related with a color. A color/emotion will affect the world while is activated.

    For example: activating the emotion fear gives the player the ability of stealth. The scene objects what is related with green will be colored. The main character also will change its for a dark shade of the color/emotion activated.

    The player doesn't have health bar but instead it has to manage his feelings to not overload. When a emotion is activated a bar related with this emotion will start to increase, when is full the player will back to his last checkpoint.

    There is 7 chapters in the game. Each chapter is represented by a color and an emotion, which unlock an ability. Chapters and abilities listed below:

    Chapter 1: Sadness

    Color Blue - Ability: Swim.

    Chapter 2: Empathy

    Color Orange - Ability: Interact with NPCs.

    Chapter 3: Anger

    Color Red - Ability: Dash.

    Chapter 4: Fear

    Color Green - Ability: Stealth.

    Chapter 5: Love

    Color Violet - Ability: Double jump.

    Chapter 6: Loathing

    Color Indigo - Ability Glide.

    Chapter 7: Happiness

    Color Yellow - All the colors in the world are restored.


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