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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Combat-Free Zone

    - Danny Cowan

  • Christopher Yaun, Student at Herzing University, Shadow Ominous

    The MMO game idea is called Shadow Ominous. You get to create your own customizable ghost while you roam around the world of Booville. The main goal of this game is to collect different spirit orbs called Souls which are scattered across the land. Each soul also has a different color and gives your character more experience and different attributes to make your ghost stand out.

    For example, if you collect a red soul, you receive experience on agility and will do better in sport like minigames. If you collect a green soul, you will receive more experience in knowledge and will solve puzzles much easier. You can make friends with other players and can exchange souls to each other as well. You can also play online mini games and chat with players from around the world. You can also use the souls and experience you have earned to create your own home for your ghostly avatar. The game also includes a lot of quests and does include a story mode as well. It's ages 10 and up, though anyone can join in on the fun and customize their own ghostly ghoul.

    There will be a brand new storyline to the game in the future where your ghostly avatar can visit the human world. You can collect plenty of souls by trying to scare the humans. It will also be a great hangout place for you and your online buddies.

    There may also be an update where you can accessorize your ghost and give them different pets and or objects to keep, like a pet black cat or a vampire cape. You could also have the opportunity to dress up your ghost into other spooky monsters, like a mummy or a werewolf.

    The game will require all things an MMO game should have. There will be unique character design, so players can make their avatars stand out from the rest. The game has tons of original quests and an overarching story that will keep the players engaged to keep coming back for more. There will be an engaging quest system where you will pointed out where to go if the player gets lost. There will also be hidden paths and rewards given for exploring more of the in game universe. It will be free to play but there will also be paid memberships as well. There will not be a play to win system.

    As mentioned, there will be tons of mini games for players to interact with other players around the world to not only hang out, chat, and play against each other, but to also gain some free souls and gain more experience in any category you choose. And of course, there will be regular small updates to the game, and will also have future content so the players will have something to look forward to and not bored and move on to a different game. The expansion packs could be either free or paid DLC, depending on how big the content would be.


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