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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Combat-Free Zone

    - Danny Cowan

  • Nidula Geeganage, High school student at Glen Waverley Secondary College in Victoria, Australia, Our Story

    Our Story is a blend of social interaction based MMOs such as Second Life and games like The Sims which revolve around creating a simulation. The Sims sees players controlling avatars to manage their needs and desires; with the addition of a massively multiplayer community the idea is to give players freedom to attempt to fulfil their needs however they want, whilst also allowing them to decide how they want to go about assisting others in their similar endeavours (if at all).

    Players create their own character by personalising their appearance and other details such as name, gender and a brief description.

    The game progresses through a repeated day/night cycle - with each day being separated into segments: morning, afternoon, evening and night.

    Players can spend their time however they want - including doing practically nothing - provided that they cater to their character's basic needs in order to prevent the consequences of possible sickness and potentially death. This system would be similar to The Sims with hunger levels and the need to maintain hygiene and so on.

    Some tasks may only be available and certain times of day, for instance most shops and venues would be close during the night and so on. Players can earn money by doing different kinds of jobs, which would generally be some sort of multiplayer minigames performed by the employees in which they work towards a sort of goal. Alternatively, they could also just go venturing for resources and items and sell them in whatever fashion they want.

    Players can then use their money for participating in various leisure activities, buying food and necessities, creating housing, buying pets and so on. Other leisure activities, such as social games like poker could be implemented as well.

    A lot of these features were stated as hypotheticals because the scope of this kind of game would be quite large. But, I think when you start getting down to the specifics it would be achievable.


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