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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Combat-Free Zone

    - Danny Cowan

  • Briana Dinkins, Student at Herzing University, Racing City

    Racing City is an adrenaline pumping, heart racing MMO game for everyone 10+. Racing City is design to focus on an immense variety of different races with a twist for each type of race all located in one city. Racing City gives the player the chance to freely roam around the city letting them experience different races at their own pace. Within the city it contains different locations where players can race against each other. Ranging from racing in a grocery store to racing go karts at the local fair.

    Customization is another feature in this game. As the player advances, they are given a variety of racing vehicle upgrades, color, themes, and attachments. The more races completed the more equipped the player acquires.

    Game play:

    Within the city, at each location there will be a red box located on the ground where the player will stand to start the race with others. Each player will start out with a basic race vehicle pertaining to that specific location selected with future options of upgrading their racing vehicle. Racing City also contains two different play modes when the complete game is fully unlocked; after completing all races in a set minimum time for each of the races.

    Player chooses the difficulty level of the race. Racing will begin when the maximum number of players needed for the race is reached for the race.

    Each race can be customized to the player's preference depending on which location the player is at. Customization ranges from race time, weather (if outdoors), racing vehicle, & will be match with other players with same preferences.

    If racing indoors there's a twist, there is a mission per that location. If the mission is not completed before the race ends, the player will be disqualified from the race. For example, if you are in the grocery store you need to knock down as many displays before finishing the race with the fastest time.

    Outdoor racing will be solely based on the player's times to figure out the winner. While racing there will be powerups along the track that the player can pick up to give the player advantage during the race. There are also pickups that can slow down a player if they are not paying attention.

    After each race is complete, the player will be awarded parts to upgrade their racing vehicles that they have acquired or can unlock in the future. Per each location there are different racing vehicles. Go karts at the local fair Go-Kart track, shopping carts at the grocery store and ATV's in the mall to name a few.

    As mention before, there are two different play modes that can be played within this game which include; Freedom Racing & Custom City. Freedom racing mode the player can play all the variety of races. In Custom City, this play mode is unlocked after completion of all the races. This play mode lets the player create their own Racing city for others to race on.

    ATV racing

    (Basic idea of the layout of the city with more locations)


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