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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get Organized!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Hue Lorène, Student at ArtFX, Conflicting Teams

    Pitch: Conflicting Teams is a top view spatial puzzle with scoring in a 2D cartoon universe.

    Inputs: Mouse (right click) to select and set employees.


    You play a team manager and you must organise teams in work rooms. But, employees possess positive or negative links between them. The manager must decide in less to 2 minutes how to organise a balanced work room in function of links between employees.


    1.       Employees:

    • Employees are divided between8 colors (Red, Green Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, White, Black). Player must organized employees in function to2 factors: Social links and Working links.

    Examples: Red and Green have positive working link, but a negative social link. Black have positive working link with all colors, but negative social link with all colors. White have negative working link with all colors, but positive social link with all colors.

    • Employees are divided between3 socials bonus represented by textures: circles, lines, and squares.


    Social Positive

    Social Neutral

    Social Negative

    Work Positive

    Work Neutral

    Work Negative


    Magenta, White


    Green, Black

    Green, Cyan, Black


    White, Yellow, Magenta


    Cyan, White


    Black, Red

    Red, Yellow, Black


    White, Cyan, Magenta


    Yellow, White


    Black, Blue

    Green, Magenta, Black


    White, Cyan Yellow


    2. Score:

    • When player associate colors with a positive links, he wins score. When he associate colors with a negative link he loose score.

    Examples: Red employee is associated with magenta employee. Player win Social score. But, if he associated red and green, player loose social score.

    • When player associate 2 employees with different textures AND a negative social link, player loose more score.

    Examples: If Yellow and Green employees with lines are associated, the player win a social bonus score.

    • Social Neutral allow to associate two colors with negative and neutral link and receive only one malus.

    Examples: If Red and Blue are associated, Red don't have negative link with Blue. But, Blue have a negative link.

    • At the end of the round, the system compare the two scores. If a score is twice higher than the other, the Manager is declared ‘'Bad Manager".

    3.       Work room:

    Player set employees in a work room. Each work room have a limited number of desks to set employees. Around desks, red limited area is visible and crossing other areas. Player organise employees setting to avoid to cross negative areas to another employees. Works rooms are modify after each round.

    4.       Timer:

    Player has 2 minutes to decide the better organisation of employees in the room. At the end of the timer, round end. Another round begin with a new spatial organisation to desks.


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