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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get Organized!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Virginie Corminboeuf, Game Artist Generalist, Big Head


    A 2D tetris-like game for mobile phone and PC when the player must organise by hand the thoughts of his/her character during a successions of playtime representing the days of the characters, with a storyline starting at a day at work to a trip to the pit of Hell. The player will have to choose between good and bad thoughts, how to organise them to keep the worst one from influencing the others, and finish the game session without having the character collapse.


    The character is walking in an area. It can be common (street, mall, beach, forest, a date, a party, at work, ect...) but more unusual locations will be unlocked during the "story mode" (spaceship, the moon, underwater, a haunted house, the jungle, a medieval wellfare, a dream, a mushroom inflicted badtrip, the pit of Hell, ect...)

    "Thoughts" will appear one after another on screen around the character, propelled by what is happening around him (a cute girl passes by, his boss screams at him, his mom calls, ect...)

    There are 3 types of thoughts: disruptive thoughts, pleasant thoughts and bad thoughts , with standardised color and shape. they can be a phrase or an image. Some of them will automatically go into the brain and can only be removed by surrounding it with contradictory thoughts. They can be made smaller, bigger or enhanced depending of the other thoughts surrounding them.

    The chosen thoughts have consequences during a play session.and possibly to the story overall. For example, if we link "She must like me" and "I am dressed like an idiot", the thought" I should ask her out" will not pop up next. If we link it to "I have time tonight to go drinking", it will appear and the next playtime could be the date.

    At the end the player must keep space to put an obligatory last thought which is to choose an action (go to the left, enter the shop, answer this question, ect...) before the timer is out to finish the play time session and go to the next.

    Level after level, the character's head will inflate, to accommodate more thoughts but they will become more complex, raising the difficulty.


    • collectibles: "thoughts" like images and quotes, but also objects collected on the locations visited
    • time management
    • scoring & achievements
    • unlock new locations via story mode and DLCs
    • story mode
    • arcade mode
    • multiplayer: Two characters are connected through wires and the thought appear between them. They must choose the best one faster than the other player.
    • unlock funny cinematics: the player will run into interesting situations if the thoughts are organised nicely


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