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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Merry Christmas!

    - staff

  • Courtney Schwark, Game Development Student at Herzing University, Reindeer Games


    The game will take place in the North Pole, around Santa's workshop and barn.


    Game Play

    "Reindeer Games" will be a multiplayer, 2D, mobile app game for some winter fun all year round. The player will be able to create their own reindeer that will be able to pull Santa's sleigh Christmas Eve. It is up to the player to make sure that their reindeer is prepared to pull the sleigh by playing in the Reindeer Games.


    In all of the levels, the player can choose to either play by themselves, or choose a multiplayer mode, which can have up to five players.

    The Hoops

    For this level, the player must use their fingers to guide their reindeer from one platform to another while jumping through hoops. The platforms continuously get higher and higher while more hoops are added and made smaller. In the single player mode, the goal is to get to the top platform. If the player falls, then they lose the game. However, in multiplayer mode, the first one that gets to the top wins. If the other player falls, they are returned to the last platform they had reached.

    Dodge Ball

    Within this level, just like in the real game, the player must dodge all of the balls coming at their reindeer. If they player is by themselves, as soon as they are out, they lose, the game. However, if they play in the multiplayer mode, they have a chance to return to the game. When one team has no more players on their side of the field, the other team wins.

    Buckin' Elves

    As the player enters this level and elf jumps onto the reindeer's back. It is up to the player to get the elf off by having their reindeer buck wildly until the elf falls off. However, the player must get the elf off with in a time limit, which is decreased if the reindeer either damages or destroys certain objects within the level.

    Present Wrapping

    For a little more holiday cheer, the player must help their reindeer choose out presents for good girls and boys. Santa's elves will be making sure that all the toys are placed in the proper boxes. The reindeer will be thrown out of the workshop if it packs five boxes wrong, but the more boxes that are packed, the more Christmas cheer the reindeer feels and a reindeer cannot fly without Christmas cheer.


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