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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Reviving Resident Evil

    - staff

  • Nik Muhammad Hazim, Student of Multimedia University Faculty of Computing and Informatics

    Resident Evil franchise is known for its spectacular campaign mode. Rather than making 4 campaigns that may look different but ultimately feels the same, it is better to create 2 campaigns that are fundamentally different than each other.

    Survival campaign

    The first campaign should forgo the co-op style campaign and return to its roots whereby a solo hero surviving the apocalypse. The feel should be the same as older RE titles where each bullets counts and the need to scourge the area for supplies and inventory management. Provide challenging puzzles for secrets and achievements.

    To add a flavor in the game, add new mechanics such as traps and melee weapons. Level design should provide strategic places for clever use of traps while setting for a sniper shot from far away. AI should react accordingly and search for another route after falling for the traps to avoid camping.

    New melee weapons such as spears, swords on the left hand for players who like close up action. Javelins and throwing knife that can be picked up after throwing for a more realistic style of survival while enemies are less likely to drop ammo so that the use of these weapons are important on higher difficulty. Armed combat will be restricted, no usage of body throw while wielding weapons on the both hands so you can choose how to play using dual weapons, a gun and martial arts or long range combat with traps.

    Multiplayer campaign

    The co-op campaign is still fun to play with friend and should not be abandoned completely and for people who play the game for the story the usual AI partner is provided. As many people have said less QTE cut scenes and scripted events should be implemented to avoid cheap deaths and frustration.

    With the new mechanics, a player can choose to support the sniper with setting traps while melee-ing the enemy or even throwing spears while your friend blast them with shotguns. More resources are given but harder and smarter enemies to make it more about using the landscape rather than charging straight to the enemies. Melee weapons are better at defending windows but may break if used repeatedly.

    Less scripted boss battles that rely on teamwork rather than just mashing bullets. Slashing the boss may cut its body parts for less attack patterns, larger area so that someone distract while the other person lays the trap.

    The mercenary minigame should return for some quick and fun RE fix. Changes should be made such as killing mini bosses with the melee weapons give more points. Your grenade traps also gives more points for multiple enemies killed, higher than shooting the explosive barrels so that the time taken to set it up is not useless.

    Although co-op is good, sometimes you just need to enjoy the game by yourself and take it slow. RE needs to take a step back and look at the past for an immersive campaign.


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