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  • Postmortem: Vanishing Point [07.02.15]
  • img Kevin Wong looks back on his experience as the lead designer for the 2015 USC Advanced Games Project Vanishing Point.
  • Excerpt: Unity in Action [06.25.15]
  • img Joseph Hocking explains how to create convincing skyboxes using Unity in this excerpt from his newly released book Unity in Action.
  • Postmortem: Spellblade [06.18.15]
  • img Marcelo Spiezzi Raimbault explains what went right and what went poorly during the development of Spellblade, a run-and-gun shooter created at SMU Guildhall by a team of 4 students.
  • A Day in the Life of a Mobile Startup [06.16.15]
  • img Risto Holmstrom transcribes the conversations, complexities, and design decisions that drive a typically hectic day at a mobile startup studio.