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  • SF-based Make School adds VR dev to its summer schooling program

  • The Make School, a relatively new two-year "product academy" based out of San Francisco, has added a new virtual reality development track to its summer academy program that aims to train students how to build successful VR apps and games.

    While VR tech is being examined and embraced by educational organizations around the world, the Make School's new program is especially notable because it's being developed with input from some notable VR experts, including VR pioneer Tony Parisi, who helped develop the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) in the '90s.

    While the Make School (which actually evolved out of game development educational startup MakeGamesWithUs) caters to prospective students at high school, college and post-graduate levels, this new VR summer program is aimed at people with 2+ years of programming experience, whether they're in or out of college.

    The organization is charging a $10,000 tuition for the program, which will take place in San Francisco from June 20th through August 12th. The program, which revolves around making VR games in Unity, culminates in a demo day, and the Make School claims it will make an effort to help students with job placement after they complete the course.

    Make School is accepting applications for admission to the VR summer program through May 30th, and interested developers can get more information through the program's admissions page.


    By Alex Wawro
    September 24, 2021 06:03:16 AM PST


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