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  • Nexon wants VR devs to submit games for an exhibition and workshop

  • Korean developer and publisher Nexon has opened up submissions for a VR exhibit entitled "VR, why just sit watching?" to developers around the globe.

    The company will award four first-place prizes and two second-place prizes to teams who submit games across a variety of pre-determined but loose themes; first place prizes come with an award of 1 million Korean won (approximately $848) and second-place prizes come with awards of 500,000 Korean won (approximately $424.)

    Each winning game will be exhibited for two weeks in the Nexon Computer Museum, during which period the first-place developers will also be housed and participate in development workshops at Nexon's facility in Jeju, South Korea. 

    Games developed for any VR platform are welcome; rights to the games are retained by their developers. 

    The categories for the prizes are as follows:

    First Prize

    • 桑田碧海 (Sang-Jeon-Byeok-Hae) Prize, for a "VR project successively expressing a surprising conversion of the world"

    • 無我之境 (Mu-Ah-Ji-Kyung) Prize, for a "VR attaining a spiritual state of perfect selflessness"

    • 物我一體 (Mul-Ah-Il-Che) Prize, for a "VR granting the experience of VR & oneself as one"

    • 胡蝶之夢 (Ho-Jeob-Ji-Mong) Prize, for "VR pulling down the boundary between dream and reality"

    Second Prize

    • 以心傳心 (Yi-Sim-Jeon-Sim) Prize, for "VR at the level of being able to get the idea of author’s intention"

    • 同床異夢 (Dong-Sahng-Yi-Mong) Prize, for "VR acknowledging the difference between VR & Reality"

    You can find the full details, including what and how to submit your game, at Nexon Computer Museum's site for the competition.

    By Christian Nutt
    September 24, 2021 04:58:49 AM PST


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