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  • Ex’pression College Announces Bachelors in Game Art and Design

  • Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, an accredited college that prepares students for careers in the digital arts and entertainment industries, recently announced the new Game Art and Design Bachelors Degree program. Coupled with the school’s current Game Audio initiatives, Ex’pression now offers comprehensive gaming curricula.

    The Game Art and Design Program promises to prepare students for a career in the art of interactive electronic entertainment. The accredited Bachelor’s Degree program at Ex’pression College is unique in its approach to game education. It combines Game Art, which includes classes in environmental modeling, character animation, motion capture and texture development, with a Game Design theory that addresses scripting, programming, collision detection, engine manipulation and physics modeling. The creative and technological aspects of the new Game Art and Design program match to the already existing Game Audio focus that covers the creation of sound effects, adaptive audio design and asset management and implementation.

    “With the addition of our Game Art and Design program, our educational gaming focus becomes one of the only immersive programs in the country to offer the triad of Game Art, Design and Audio,” said Spencer Nilsen, president and creative director for Ex’pression College and former game audio composer. “We now offer our industry partners, including Sony and Electronic Arts, the next level of young talent to take advantage of the increasingly complex and growing art of game development.”

    Throughout the program, Ex’pression students participate in hands-on classes which focus on 2D computer graphics, audio, 3D modeling, animation, texture and lighting. After a solid foundation is built, students design and create game levels as a group in a process that mirrors the professional pipeline experience of game developers.

    Students who want to further concentrate their gaming education can expand their skills as a character artist or environmental artist with specialized tracks. Students will finish the program having completed a sophisticated game as a group, as well as having created a demo reel of their own which highlights the assets they personally produced for that game.

    Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Game Art and Design. Graduates will be prepared for entry level positions in the Game Art and Design industry.

    For more information, visit the Ex’pression College for Digital Arts website.

    By Beth A. Dillon
    June 28, 2022 09:12:11 AM PST


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