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Fixing Endgame Design In Grand Strategy Games

Anton Petrushenkov discusses the endgame flaws apparent in grand strategy games like Civilization V, suggesting solutions for designers to consider.

Unreal Vs. Unity 3D: Choosing The Best Engine For Your Game

Starloop Studios weighs the advantages and disadvantages of using either Unity or Unreal as frameworks for independently produced projects.

Getting My Indie Game Released On PS5 And Switch

Stavros Pilatis chronicles the development, launch, and eventual console release of his multiplatform GameMaker project GLO.

Why Accessible Design Can't Save Inaccessible Gameplay

Josh Bycer discusses the design trap of only thinking about accessibility and not UI/UX, and explains how games can suffer as a result.

How To Write a Quest-Based RPG

Giannis Georgiou presents a detailed guide to designing a simple quest system for RPGs, using a recently released project as an example.

Moments From Florence

Nikhil Murthy critically examines Florence's narrative structure, delving into what the game has to say about its medium, autonomy and genre.

Resequencing And Dynamic Transitions For Game Music Composers

Winifred Phillips explores complex deployments of the horizontal resequencing model in Sackboy: A Big Adventure's music design.