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By Rudy Helm and Ron Hubbard
CGDC Roundtable Report, April 1997

CGDC '97 Roundtable Reports

The IA-SIG Audio Forum

This forum is provided for producers and developers to post questions related to all aspects of audio production for computer and video games. The forum is closely linked with the IASIG (Interactive Audio Special Interest Group) which is part of the MIDI Manufacturers Association.

Producers and developers are encouraged to ask questions about all areas of the audio production process, such as how to deal with contractors, how to improve communication, MIDI, digital audio, interactive audio, post production, dialog , and also some of the red hot new technologies that are currently being developed such as DLS (DownLoadable Samples), 3D audio, DirectMusic and DirectSound.

Another goal of the forum is one of mutual learning. Producers and developers can learn from audio specialists and visa versa. Traditionally audio folks tend to have to preach to developers, so here's an opportunity for producers to preach to the audio community.

The forum is not intended to be used as a technical knowledge base to solve individual technical issues such as "programming DirectX " or "how come my game crashes with this sound card on this brand of PC ?".

Some more info about the IASIG. The Web site is -

The IA-SIG exists to allow developers of audio software, hardware, and content to freely exchange ideas about "interactive audio". The goal of the group is to improve the performance of interactive applications by influencing hardware and software design, as well as leveraging the combined skills of the audio community to make better tools.

The IA-SIG has been influential in the development of Microsoft's audio enhancements to Windows 95, and has helped numerous hardware companies define their directions for the future.

This forum is hosted by Rudy Helm and Rob Hubbard, two veterans of the computer game industry.

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