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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Favorite Song

    - staff

  • Erlend Sogge Heggen, jMonkeyEngine Core Member, Andrew Bird: "Darkmatter"

    A song about curiosity, contrast, unscrupulous scrutiny, dark matter and finding the self.


    Navigate through levels of various twisted physics properties. Balance your ability with your endurance to stay in one [half & half] piece.


    Black's father is the smartest man in the world, known only as The Scientist. In an attempt to save his pregnant wive from an bizarre disease, The Scientist subjected her to experimental science. Only the child survived, albeit with dubious side effects. Half human, half dark matter, his life is defined by what, not of who he is.

    Black grew up in a lab, now a teenager. One day everything goes wrong; with the laws of physics in turmoil, Black must use his abilities to restore order in the chaotic facilities.


    Play from a third-person 3D perspective, in a largely black and white environment.

    Rough example of visual style, thanks Roy. Not a level example.


    Being half dark matter comes with its good and bad. On the plus side your negative side can:

    • Temporarily nullify large portions of matter (make a big hole!)
    • Convert matter into dark matter (changes its behavior)
    • Move through solid matter (need to move something on the other end?)
    • Extend beyond your base shape (can almost... reach it...)

    Yet it has its limitations:

    • Modifying matter in any way drains your endurance. Drain too much and you'll perish.
    • Your positive side can't move through mass unless converted, which is a severe drain.

    The challenge lies in maneuvering through chaotic levels (individual departments) without depleting your energy.


    Levels will usually have one or more scientists that needs to be saved as a "bonus" for highly optimized routes. Every level will be based on whatever the Head of Department was researching, e.g. Astronomy, Electromagnetism, Crystallography etc. The idea is to represent science from its most beautiful and ugly sides.


    Could be adapted to most platforms, but the Kinect offers unparallelled immersion for this game. Particularly draining moves could require moderately-to-extremely demanding real-life stances, depending on difficulty setting. Imagine, on Hard, having to stand on one leg with the other extended forwards in a 90 degree angle in order to perform a special long-step move. If the player gets an ever so small taste of the character's exhaustion at the end of a strenuous feat, immersion takes new meaning.


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