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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Favorite Song

    - staff

  • Reed Marvine, Alumni of Columbia College Chicago, Doctor P: "Sweet Shop"

    The Song

    One of my Favorite songs at the moment is Doctor P's "Sweet Shop". It is a high intensity drum and bass tune with heavy dubstep elements. I love listening to this type of music while I play twitch action games. I start the song and as it builds I want to bust out guns blazing.

    Designing a game around a song like this was obvious for me. It needs to be a fast paced action game with over the top effects. Being fast paced I felt the game should be relatively short but repayable, like the song. The player will want to beat his/her score. The player needs a way to prolong the game with increasing difficulty as they go to keep it exiting. The player needs to balance between risky moves to earn points and survivability to prolong the time in game. Drop It, Rock It is what I came up with.

    The Concept

    Drop it, Rock it is a 3rd person brawler in which the electrified robot codenamed Amp drops into an apocalyptic city and has to battle as many robotic foes as he can before his electrical charge meter depletes or before Amp is destroyed by the robotic hordes. The game is based on short fast paced rounds and designed to be played on portable devices.


    The player has to keep track of his armor and charge levels. Electrical Charge Level is decreased at a constant rate, slow at first and faster as the round goes on. It is also decreased when Amp uses its Powerful abilities. However, Charge level is increased by moving near defeated robots. These robots give off all their residual energy all at once and do not give any more after that. Armor is decreased by taking damage. Armor can be repaired by Amp using the Weld ability. Weld costs Energy per second and heals per second.

    In addition to Amp's defensive abilities it also has Offensive abilities. Some of them affect single targets with basic attacks such as quick punches and slow heavy kicks. Some affect multiple targets such as, Arc which sends lightning out forward which then arcs between all of the enemies nearby. Static Charge which lunges Amp forward and gains speed for every robot smashed through. Finally, Electro Magnet which pulls all nearby enemies close leaving them highly vulnerable to area damage abilities.

    Basic attacks do no drain Energy but the special attacks do. If Amp is drained of energy completely it shuts down and the round is over. The player must balance energy gained from defeated enemies with energy output used to defeat them.

    These enemies are no pushovers. They are armed with laser cannons, sound wave blasters, and heavy metal fists. They are programmed to destroy anything that tries to stop them from destroying the city. The player is rewarded with points for every enemy robot that is destroyed. The player is scored after each round and uploaded to a leaderboard list


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