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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Favorite Song

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  • Josef Locastro, Jefferson Airplane: "White Rabbit"

    Jolene Jones was a flower child. She stood for love and peace, and flowers in your hair, and a world where no one knew war or suffering. Jolene stood there on the field in August, hot sweat on his skin and fire in her heart as thousands gathered to celebrate a life in music and laughter. She sang, she danced, she kissed, she smiled and when the clouds rolled in, when the ground shook and the air cracked with thunder she finally stopped. The monsters were awful, impossible to comprehend...anyone unprepared was driven mad, swept up in their jaws and crushed. But Jolene soon found she was prepared, as the fire in her heart burst into an inferno. She reached out to take destiny into her strong hands the day the music died...

    White Rabbit is an action game, developed for Xbox 360 and PS3. Based off the Jefferson Airplane hit song of the same name, White Rabbit tells the story of an epic battle against chaos. The heroine of the story, Jolene Jones, is thrown into the middle of the fight, forced to stand as a champion of humanity. A twist of fate reveals her brothers, formerly soldiers fighting in war-torn Vietnam, were chosen as avatars for the powers of chaos...and only Jolene can stop them.

    The battle system would feel very familiar to fans of fast-paced action games like Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno and Devil May Cry. Jolene has the ability to equip large, two-handed swords of various styles, as well as partner with and command different spirits and demons she meets on her journey. By using a careful strategy of switching teammates, battles become frantic melees with spine-shattering hits, explosive effects and engrossing visuals. The unique "Trip" system allows Jolene to submit to the spirit of battle, adding damage to each attack as long as she can maintain a combo. However, if her "trip meter" maxes out without the player "Coming Down" (pressing the Right Bumper/R1), Jolene suffers from a "Bad Trip" (halved movement for 5 seconds, empties Trip meter) and must recover.

    The reason I chose to call the game White Rabbit was to capture the spirit of a specific time in American history, and mix it with what appeals to us in action video games. 1969 was one of the most turbulent and amazing years in American history. Drawing from that, enemies could be towering evil mushrooms, mutated cartoon characters and mascots, the Red Menace or Demon Cosmonauts. By preying off the real stresses and fears that were present in its setting the game finds a deep identity in the struggle of Jolene Jones. Systems like the "Trip" system add to the flavor and support it, the music would be licensed 60's classics (Stones, Dylan, Osbourne...),and the art style would be inspired by 60s and 70s concert posters. White Rabbit is a testament to the ability of the human race to make it through even the darkest hour, and look great doing it.


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