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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Favorite Song

    - staff

  • Jasper Wuts, Freelancer, John Lennon: "Imagine"

    John Lennon's Imagine, one of the most influential songs of the last century, offers a unique opportunity for videogame adaptation. Based on a solid experiential framework analysis, an ‘imagine' open source videogame concept is developed and presented below.


    Imagine an open source MMOG; it's easy if you try. A virtual world in which people can live together and that they can construct by themselves. I will discuss the model for this world as I see it, but as any open source system, it can evolve into something else. Player's involvement in its evolution stimulates moral exploration of societal constructs. By providing a model society to optimize together in a virtual world, this game gives people faith in the unifying abilities of real world societies.

    What I see as a starting point for this videogame is virtual territory similar to the earth's natural environment. A clear interface guides people through both the world itself as well as the editing of the world. There can be a natural variety of people and environments that are all visualized in a simplistic and serene style. There are possibilities to communicate with each other and interact with the environment but no systems of ownership (private room or clothing), empowerment (weapons and other items) or discernment (rankings, status or level ups).

    What happens next is up to the players. Players can chat with each other and come up with games, using the environment. The system could work like this but might be a bit boring. Some users will want to edit the world. When they notice it gets messy when they all edit separately, they will discuss a system of governance. This is when the game becomes a moral playground and people start to imagine.


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