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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Favorite Song

    - staff

  • Nick Johnson, Columbia College of Chicago Alumni, Frank Zappa: "Cruisin' for Burgers"

    Cruisin' for Burgers is a masterpiece by Frank Zappa. The Music is inspired by the groove that overtakes you on the quest for good eats in a nice car. The Melody starts with a strong rumble of an engine sputtering out flames as the tune rolls around each beat, seeking the goal. When that goal is reached, the rhythm changes and turns into pure bliss.

    Cruisin' for Burgers "the game" is about a car leaning through high speed traffic and sticking to walls as you grab for the best burgers mortal man can achieve.

    The player's goal is to eat 10 burgers in under 10 minutes. They will drive a hot rod capable of "hopping up" onto other cars and performing "barrel rolls".

    You control an indestructible Car that can shift balance and do wheelies using its left or right side. This allows the car to hop up on other cars as you squeeze through traffic and use them to bank tighter corners and leap across entire lanes.

    The Controls are simple. An analog stick to aim your car, a button for gas, another button for breaking, and two shoulder (L + R) buttons for shifting wheelies from left to right. The longer both shoulder buttons are held down the faster the car goes, but it will lose the ability to hop up on other cars until both L and R are released. All traffic has wheelie accommodating angled collision boxes (shown above) that will allow for the player to get a "leg up" on cars they hop a side onto. Double tapping ether L or R will make your car "Barrel Roll" in ether direction but not hop up on any car you collide with.

    The levels include smaller urban streets, highways, and cluttered main streets. Large Hamburgers loom on the horizon showing which streets and what directions Hamburgers await you. The burgers are hoisted up in front of the Burger Joints by larger then life Mascots requiring you to hop up on them to grab and start consuming the Burger. Once you start consuming the Burger its the same as the bliss of the crescendo of the song. The pace evens out as your car goes into Bliss mode.

    In Bliss mode your car glows for 10 seconds as your driver avatar eats the handheld meat masterpiece. Bliss mode will increase the speed and responsiveness of your car and leap over any car you rear end. If the player manages to eat 10 burgers in under 10 minutes they will have high scores posted on the high score page. You can post your High scores Online and show who truly is the master of a game inspired by the late great Frank Zappa.


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